Your personalised co-pilot, dedicated to water

Make accurate, informed decisions from leak detection to system functionalities.

Level up your team, today

Access to AI for all, no matter the experience or skill level.

askFIDO makes the complex simple

Advanced GPT-4 delivers actionable insights from curated data across FIDO’s ecosystem.

You’ll never work alone

Be one step ahead and askFIDO about tomorrow’s challenges to drive predictive maintenance.

How it works

askFIDO harnesses FIDO AI’s curated data to give users access to millions of FIDO’s proven data points, putting you in control of your leakage and non-revenue water problems.
Integrating with GPT-4, askFIDO will guide users repeatedly and accurately to a verified outcome, answering complex queries guaranteeing informed, accurate results fast.
Gain detailed insights into your local network’s areas. Just askFIDO on the portal or app to make the right decision, first time.
Be ready for tomorrow, today, with askFIDO’s strategic decision making to get in front of future utility challenges.
We continue to push boundaries in the water sector. In our mission to democratize access to artificial intelligence, our virtual assistant will help water professionals globally. We believe that using askFIDO, you’ll never have to work alone.

- Victoria Edwards