The challenge

EnviroTrace, a FIDO value added partner, were tasked with locating a suspected leak in an extremely challenging environment in Canada – a 10-inch PVC pre-commissioned water line, with multiple offtakes, at a depth of 10ft below the surface.  

A hydrostatic pressure test confirmed a consistent decline in pressure on the water line from 173 psi to 60 psi during an eight-hour period and that it could no longer sustain pressure.

The FIDO AI Solution: 

With the line isolated and no water was flowing through it, the EnviroTrace team deployed seven FIDO Bugs on the five adjoining mains and two available fire hydrants. The Bugs were placed in ‘overnight mode’ whereby five acoustic recordings were taken during five consecutive hours. 

FIDO AI confirmed both the presence of a leak and sized it as medium. Following this confirmation, FIDO Cloud Correlation was performed from the adjacent valves to the fire hydrant to determine that the leak was at the T connecting the hydrant to the main line. 

What we achieved: 

The excavation crew carried out the dig with guidance from FIDO AI, and the 10ft deep leak was confirmed at the precise location as indicated.