The Challenge:

PWSD#8 of Platte County located in rural Missouri was losing over 40% of their purchased water across a 45 mile PVC distribution system.

In March 2023 the FIDO Direct service was embraced by PWSD#8. Previous leak detection methods had not been successful due to the tough environment and configuration of the network.

Natural springs are a common occurrence in Platte County confusing other detection methods. Coupled with gravel roads this meant that visual and reactive approaches were also ineffective.

The FIDO Direct Solution:

The FIDO Direct team deployed FIDO sensors at regular intervals across the network. These were left overnight to generate a ‘leak’ (including size) or ‘no leak’ result using FIDO AI. 

FIDO sensors were then used at each generated point of interest (POI) to further pinpoint the leak location, which enabled PWSD#8 to promote to dig and target their most expensive leaks first.

Through the implementation of FIDO Direct, PWSD#8 made significant savings in their purchased water and were able to recoup the cost of the project before the FIDO engineers had concluded the service.

With FIDO Direct, we will no longer be blind to leaks. It is setting us up for the future where we can significantly reduce our leakage.

Jennifer Pease, Clerk, PWSD #8 of Platte County

What we achieved:

19 mil/gal

Volume of water saved


Leakage reduction achieved on whole network


Annual savings

Thank you for the work you guys did for us.  We couldnt have gotten to this point without you all.

Jennifer Pease, Clerk, PWSD #8 of Platte County