Average reduction per DMA (m3/hr)


Total reduction across targeted DMAs (Ml/d)


Average reduction across targeted DMAs (m3/d)


Total leaks located across targeted DMAs

The challenge

Northumbrian Water Limited (NWL) has set itself a target of reducing leakage across its network by 17.5% by 2025. NWL has struggled to reach their leakage commitment the last two years due to having a limited number of technicians and not having many permanent fixed leakage sensors.

NWL asked FIDO to target an initial 15 problematic District Metering Areas (DMAs). These DMAs were an average of 18km in size and 2023 properties, with an average pipe material of 62% metallic and 38% plastic.

FIDO is a million miles ahead of other companies who are offering a similar service. I admit that initially I was sceptical around the service on offer but after seeing the outputs I see a lasting relationship with FIDO.   

Paul Walker, North Area Leakage Manager – Northumbrian Water

The FIDO Direct Solution: 

FIDO deployed FIDO sensors at regular intervals across the targeted DMAs. These were left overnight in order to generate a ‘leak’ or ‘no leak’ result using FIDO AI.

FIDO used FIDO sensors at each generated point of interest (POI) to further pinpoint the leak location and mark up the blue line ready for NWL to promote to dig & repair. Each DMA took between 5-7 days to complete.

FIDO Direct provides all hardware, software and operational resource.

The FIDO Ai trial in Essex and Suffolk Water has shown that the technology can help us to identify leaks efficiently on our network, but also it was able to identify intermittent private side losses that may have gone unidentified with conventional leakage control methods and acoustic logging. 

Leigh White, South Area Leakage Manager – Northumbrian Water