Guaranteed leakage reduction

Solving water loss,
the  FIDO way.

The complete package.
Everything utilities need to
solve leakage.

Size matters. Yes, really.

The only solution that can size leaks to help you tackle the biggest, first.

Affordable, outcome-based. Guaranteed.

Fixed fees with leakage reduction guarantees. That even rhymes.

Actionable AI that cuts through the noise.

Water’s most sophisticated AI cuts through the noise to find leaks

How it works

We harness the power of FIDO AI to deliver significant leakage reduction on any pipe material, with unerring accuracy.
FIDO Direct identifies leakage across your DMAs, promoting leaks ranked by size and location for repair to deliver our guaranteed leakage reduction.
An end-to-end service solution providing all hardware, software and boots on the ground delivering the blue line, for you to simply dig and repair.
Through the power of FIDO AI, we validate the repair to produce an end of project validation report.
FIDO is a million miles ahead of other companies who are offering a similar service. I admit that initially I was sceptical around the service on offer but after seeing the outputs I see a lasting relationship with FIDO.

- Paul Walker
North Area Leakage Manager, Northumbrian Water

FIDO Relay

Continuous acoustic mapping

Never miss a leak:
get immediate leak and leak size, with automated waypoint creation and verification of repair.

Control your network remotely

No need to leave the office with Relay’s automated updates using The FIDOWay app and portal.

Fast and simple deployment

Independent and hassle-free installation in seconds, just place with a FIDO sensor even under a metal lid.

Made from recycled plastic

Save the planet without costing the earth. FIDO Relay sensors are made from recycled plastics.

How it works

Install FIDO RELAY alongside FIDO Sensor on pipe assets- metal lids are no problem.
Get remote data transmission with sensor data sent back to the FIDO Cloud over mobile networks.
No programming needed—Relay checks sensors automatically for efficient operation.
Zero configuration, just fix to a lid or pipe, as it polls up to 5 sensors, sending data effortlessly.