FIDO Tech continues the expansion of its disruptive water leak detection AI into global markets with the appointment of Emma Quail in the new role of US Director of Sales.

An experienced and effective leader in the field of non-revenue water (NRW) methodologies and practices, Emma will play a key role in business growth across the States, where some areas are struggling with chronic drought.

Top of her priority list will be to accelerate awareness of FIDO AI as a best-in-class leak detection technology and DaaS for the municipal and private water utility sector.

FIDO AI is the world’s only technology able to deliver actionable insight about water leaks and their size by analysing the sounds and vibrations in pipes. It works with any data file, on any pipe material and in any environment; eliminating human error and false alarms to help utilities rapidly cut water loss in a cost-effective way.

Proven track record

“We are absolutely delighted to welcome Emma to the FIDO team to head up our US sales operation. Her knowledge and experience of water loss and leak detection is hard to beat. She cares deeply about client experience and has a proven track record in delivering growth for a Fortune 100 company. She is going to be a great asset for FIDO and for our forward-thinking customers who are committed to achieving net zero,” said FIDO CEO Victoria Edwards.

“It’s great to be joining FIDO at such an important and exciting time for leak detection innovation. Water leakage is the best untapped source of water most US utilities will ever have. Until now, it’s always been too hard to fix, but new technologies like FIDO AI are finally moving the dial,” said Emma.

Emma has 20+ years of experience and knowledge in Non-Revenue Water practices and methodologies with key areas of focus in acoustic leak detection, water loss control methodologies, pipeline inspection and diagnostics.

A native of Northern Ireland, Emma relocated to the US in 2009 and is now based out of Minneapolis. She has been an active member of the AWWA Water Loss Control Committee and the Water Main Condition Assessment committee. She is also a contributing author to the new edition of the M77 Manual of Practice: Condition Assessment of Water Mains and is currently co-ordinating and co-authoring an AWWA accredited acoustic Leak Detection 101 Course as part of the AWWA Real Loss Subcommittee.