FIDO has launched a range of serviced AI leak detection options for targeted areas, called FIDO Direct.

With FIDO Direct, we supply all the people, expertise and leak detection technology you need to deliver all your leakage points of interest including, most importantly, each leak’s size so you can prioritise repairs.

As optional extras we can carry out all the follow-up investigations to mark the blue bar and even return post-dig to validate the repair.

Callum Phoenix, FIDO’s UK head of account management, said Direct had already proved to be a success with UK clients.

“Every water company has problematic DMAs, or network areas with tricky conditions like excessive noise or PMVs, where finding leaks is especially challenging. Too often these can get side-lined in favour of areas with quick and reliable results.

“Direct is our response to that. It is a fully serviced end-to-end leak detection service that utilities can call on for a fixed fee, guaranteed results and no drain on their own hard-pressed manpower.”