FIDO Tech and North American tech firm Digital Water Solutions (DWS) have announced a collaborative bid to tackle global water loss by sharing data for advanced leak detection.

Two disruptive technologies are working together to forge an open data response to global water insecurity.

Software firm FIDO Tech, whose AI is the world’s first to accurately size and locate hidden water leaks, has teamed up with Digital Water Solutions (DWS) whose autonomous monitoring platform uses novel in-hydrant sensing technology to gather enhanced leak data.

Together the two companies believe they can seriously advance progress on fixing the near one third of world water which is lost through leaks.

Non-proprietary response

Announcing the new collaboration at ACE22 today, FIDO CEO Victoria Edwards said proprietary responses to critical challenges like climate change needed to end.

“The world is approaching Day Zero – the day the water runs out. Some parts of the US have been in drought for approaching a decade. Yet around the world water that’s been expensively sourced, treated and pumped is leaking from public systems at a vast rate.

“For too long, suppliers have presented solutions based on siloed data with little real advancement in capability. The result is that water leakage has been too difficult to fix and it’s a shameful stain on the water industry.

FIDO and DWS have each developed disruptive technologies.

Trained on the world’s largest library of leak data samples, FIDO AI is sensor-agnostic and analyses any file from any source to accurately predict the presence of a leak and its size and location. All it needs is data.

DWS provides ideal data through its hydrant.AI monitoring system. Unlike other monitoring solutions, hydrant.AI sensors are submerged directly within the network water column, so they gather more data and hear leaks over far greater distances.

Combined insight for clients

FIDO’s instant accurate results on leaks and their size will surface in hydrant.AI’s end-to-end real-time monitoring platform. Having ‘FIDO inside’ will allow hydrant.AI clients to identify leaks as they develop, prioritise them according to size and reduce water loss faster and more cost-effectively.

DWS CEO Tim Sutherns said: “Our hydrant.AI device and autonomous AI is already being used in water systems in North America. We know it works. What’s exciting is the collaboration with FIDO by providing access to our data and feeding the combined insight on leaks back to our clients.

FIDO AI provides additional advanced, proven capabilities on leak-sizing and location. This collaboration leverages the best aspects of the technologies developed by each of companies for the benefit of all our clients.”

FIDO AI developers believe the algorithm will eventually be able extract even more insights from the additional data hydrant.AI provides on transient pressures. This will also be available to DWS clients.

Positive response to climate change

Added Victoria: “The world’s problem of water security and scarcity is bigger than any single company’s solution. FIDO’s ethos is to remain open data and agnostic and to work with manufacturers collaboratively wherever we can.

“In DWS we have found another disruptive like-minded company and I am looking forward to working positively together to tackle this challenge for the benefit of all.

“Finding leaks is really just the beginning.”