Watch FIDO Chief Technology Officer Neil Edwards, the physicist and disruptive inventor behind FIDO AI, in a tech talk he gave to kick off this year’s series of Smart Water Networks IoT webinars on July 5.

Smart Water Networks IoT 2021 is an online series of 20 tech talks across five days. This year they are all on the theme of Water Networks Optimisation & Digitalisation.

Neil’s hour-long webinar discusses digital water solutions for leakage and smarter networks. It includes how AI can help minimise water loss, the efficiencies a data driven approach can bring.

An expert and engaging speaker, Neil’s webinar is a must for anyone interested in the latest technological advances in the field. Or, anyone who wants to find out how AI accuracy can help meet targets and regulatory requirements.

AI and machine-learning like FIDO are revolutionising water leak detection through accurate data analysis and management. Increasingly, it is moving into predictive analytics.