Immediately improve water availability

Use the world’s most advanced water AI to find any community’s biggest leaks and deliver fast, sustainable, local water replenishment

Collaborate catalytically on ESG

Build a catalytic stakeholder community around shared ESG goals with the assurance of volumised water benefit accounting (VWBA)

Accelerate uptake of AI for global action

Scale tech adoption, democratise access to powerful water data and accelerate global action on water and infrastructure SDGs

Save water, cut carbon, boost security

Reduce associated resource demands and mitigate multiple long-term climatic, economic and social outcomes – for good

How it works

We unite forward-thinking corporations, utilities and others around the common goal of watershed replenishment and use volumetric AI to establish a water loss baseline.
We deploy FIDO AI to instantly detect and rank all network leaks by size, then locate them exactly so that the largest get fixed first for rapid and significant water savings.
FIDO AI validates volumetric savings and repair effectiveness, providing auditable, transparent results using the internationally accepted VWBA reporting standard.
FIDO AI continually monitors the network, tracking and reporting on each past and developing leak ‘asset’ to give ongoing auditable assurance on exact water savings.
Today, we’re announcing a first-of-its-kind leak detection technology replenishment project in London with FIDO Tech…leveraging FIDO’s AI-enabled acoustic leak analysis. This project is expected to save millions of cubic meters of water per year.

- Melanie Nakagawa
Chief Sustainability Officer, Microsoft