Impact with immediacy

We align stakeholders across watersheds to immediately improve water availability

A positive approach to water stewardship

Quantifiable data to help meet water positive and replenishment targets

Actionable AI at the core

Water’s most sophisticated AI finds the biggest leaks in community water networks

Water saved, carbon saved

Reducing water loss = reduced water treatment and energy demands

How it works

We partner with corporations looking to meet water replenishment goals. A water loss baseline is established with a local utility
We deploy FIDO Plus, harnessing the power of FIDO AI, to instantly detect and rank by size. Providing the exact leak location, large leaks are fixed first
FIDO AI validates the dig repair and delivers quantitative, transparent and auditable results for the utility and corporations, demonstrating immediate impact
FIDO AI continues to monitor the network to ensure leakage remains low and any new leaks are immediately identified. Each leak is turned into a living asset and tracked and reported to give exact water volumetric savings.
Today, we’re announcing a first-of-its-kind leak detection technology replenishment project in London with FIDO Tech…leveraging FIDO’s AI-enabled acoustic leak analysis. This project is expected to save millions of cubic meters of water per year.

- Melanie Nakagawa
Chief Sustainability Officer, Microsoft