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Inspiring global leaders on water positivity and uniting them to save the world

About Victoria Edwards

Creating a community of unreasonable people

Victoria Edwards is co-founder and CEO of FIDO Tech, a pioneering tech company using acoustics and AI to revolutionise the way the world manages (and wastes) water.

A charismatic speaker and passionate believer in the power of tech in the hands of collaborative humans, she is increasingly using her profile to mobilise unconventional partners into ambitious action on SDG6.


While you read this the world is losing

cubic metres of water*

Building a movement to solve the world’s water problem

Victoria talks about

  • The way we value water. The one in three glasses wasted & the need to avoid commodification
  • Water diplomacy. Waste, drought & inequality fuel human misery through migration, tension & conflict
  • The need to mobilise truthful data. Removing the hype and hysteria around AI to unlock transformation
  • Bluewashing. The lessons the new corporate water positive movement must learn from carbon offsetting
  • The great sustainability turn-off. Improving the lexicon of urgency & hope to get community buy-in

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Victoria Edwards
Victoria Edwards
Victoria Edwards

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* Source water leakage: iwaponline.